Ugly#03 Honda CB 750 K 80′

Beautiful, strong bike with a low stance. Hugely influenced by motorsport and out-of-this-planet roar. Power 77KM from 750 cc engine, 4 cyl. DOHC

A main philosophy was to make a low, fast and eye catching bike, but this model gave us so much more. I managed to catch the motorsport spirit with a relatively comfortable position and glorious inline four sound.

What I did: aluminum top clamp with speedo mount, SV650 clip-on fitting rings, velo stacks, K&N filters mount, custom cut frame with new leather seat, all four blinkers mount , rear light mount, rear and front fenders, reg. plate mount, battery housing, frame wheels powder coated rust protected and varnished, engine painted with Motip heat resistant paint, tank paint job.


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