Ugly Motors discovering plastic, lightness and 158bhp / litre

A Modern Classic? A Supersport Beast?

Sometimes we do not cut and smash.
Sometimes the Thing is just too pretty.
Sometimes you work with the machine you’re afraid of.
And hell, I am afraid of this monster…

A Plan:
Regular maintenance (oil, K&N cleaning, fork service, front wheel bearings, battery)
Restore paint, plastics, add some gold

A Philosophy:
Make it stand out. Restore factory. Ride, ride, RIDE! ! !

A First Touch:
Just by removing the seat of that 2002 Honda CBR Fireblade 954RR you notice that this bike is nowhere near the ones we work on every day. An aluminium frame, a sub frame, lots of plastics and electronics. It’s more than 80 kg lighter than the 1980 CB750k and you can really tell the difference.

Enjoy the photos and stay tuned for more.

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