B4 & After volume 2

For sure one of Your most beloved posts strikes again! I had some new projects so I can make another B4 & After! Do You like the outcome?   Z pewnością jeden z najbardziej poczytnych postów znów dla was! Zrobiłem trzy nowe projekty, zatem zapraszam do cyklu “przed i po”. …

Honda GL500 – Black beauty

Maybe in a shade of XV 920 splendor we’ve completed not that shout-out-loud bike. It’s Honda GL500 from 82′ and it looks like it’s becoming our specialty to build this glorious machines. It supposed to be black, and it is black. Mean. Beautiful. Something about the build: GSXR 750 front …

Building #Ugly06

Finally I’ve found some time to put the great GSX1200 together. I’m proud of this one. First vintage sport model I’ve designed and made. I think it might be finished really fast because all the parts are ready to install. Then it will seek it’s new owner. Maybe You like …

Ugly#08 Yamaha XV920 Virago 1983

Yet another, most popular custom bike, I suppose according to what people like and order to build.

The great Yamaha XV920 Virago.

This particular donor bike is a mint! Just look at this 33 year old Japan engineering masterpiece.

More photos and posts to come!

Now, I can say that there is ZX12R front and on it’s way and 1979 Kawasaki kz650 fuel tank being striped out of it’s paint. So to make Yamaha great – add some Kawasaki parts!?

As always – stay tuned!

Ugly#07 BMW K1200 RS 2002

This one will be very interesting.

A friend of mine was looking for a big bike to match his size and make him stand out on the street. He wanted to built something from a a scratch so we decided to buy this wreck.

There are not many things to say right now except this project is bonkers from the start.

img_0359 img_0358

Suzuki smooth lines.

Hey, I know, I know. Suzuki is as smooth as Polish roads. Gearbox rattle every time you shift, engins makes funny noise on idle.
It’s hard to compare it to Honda or European brands. This particular GSX isn’t even smooth when You twist the throttle because it want’s to disassemble your wrists with sheer power.

One thing this Suzi is doing smooth is the way it looks.

The lines are just flawless. When I look at it, I feel I can draw the bike with a single fluid line. The bodywork I’ve designed reflects just that. I’ve extended the lines on the tank with a fairing and made the rear and tank looks like they were molded in one piece. Have a look.

Still some work ahead but I’m happy enough with what I’ve achieved.

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