Ugly#02 HondaCB650C 80′

Second child of Ugly Motors. Honda CB 650c from 1980, came to us from the north of Poland. Still lot’s of work to do…

Ugly#03 Honda CB 750 K 80′

Beautiful, strong bike with a low stance. Hugely influenced by motorsport and out-of-this-planet roar. Power 77KM from 750 cc engine, 4 cyl. DOHC

A main philosophy was to make a low, fast and eye catching bike, but this model gave us so much more. I managed to catch the motorsport spirit with a relatively comfortable position and glorious inline four sound.

What I did: aluminum top clamp with speedo mount, SV650 clip-on fitting rings, velo stacks, K&N filters mount, custom cut frame with new leather seat, all four blinkers mount , rear light mount, rear and front fenders, reg. plate mount, battery housing, frame wheels powder coated rust protected and varnished, engine painted with Motip heat resistant paint, tank paint job.

Ugly#01 Suzuki GS 400 77′

Here. Where all started. Suzuki GS400 was bought somewhere near city of Jelenia Góra in January 2014r. It was a beautiful light-weight machine.

Principal was to catch the lightness of the frame and tank. To not overweight the bike with complex and big things like after market seat cowls so I’ve made one. I wanted to paint the bike with juicy colours. Inspired by Gulf Racing palette Aston Martin green plus Gulf Orange fitted perfectly the racing spirit of the bike.

Project features: seat (leather) sow by a friends, fibreglass tail – part that took tons and tons of work including battery fitting, rear sets, speedometer basket designed and welded by us plus led dashboard lights and gear position screen, V-shaped stainless steel – 2in1 polished exhaust – made by a pro who welded many chopper, quad and motorcycle elements, handlebar custom made, grips – strips made from nice Italian leather, registration plate mount – designed and welded by us.