Before and After

Honda GL500 Silver Wing is a lovely, fat bike. Check it out how it can be changed.


It took previous owner a bit to change the lines.


But when Ugly Motors took the bike the lines start to draw by themselves…



The crash

Since it’s not only a motorcycle crafting page but it is filled with riding factor, I’ll share a story with you all. Last Thursday I had an accident. I’m ok, hopefully will get out of the hospital soon. Speed was low, a guy didn’t see me and I was on a main street. Whatever. We motorcyclists are the ones who carry all the psychical aspects of the crash – that is when we survive one, like I did. 
It’s not easy to ride in that jungle especially when you have kids and family.

I just wanted to say ride safe to all 2wheeled folks out there! 
See you on the streets

The Seat.

Long time waited.

GL500 seat. 

Ash wood with solid rings structure buffed by red wood paint and covered with few solid varnish coats. Brown leather with vintage stripes sowed by our friend. Still waiting for mounting the light where the old will meet the future.

Glorious detail about to complete bike overall effect.

Pearls from the past.

Last Sunday I went to an old timer bazar in Wroclaw. Driven by the force of bounty hunter I’ve searched parts for my new builds. There was plenty of parts, bike gear, tires and stuff! But unfortunately not many of those I’ve been looking for…

To fill the void I went to  see the exhibition of old cars. Man that was good.
Feed the eyes like I did!


Ugly man went to BMW Motorrad.

Every pre-thirty year old man – especially the ugly one – need to set some goals in life. January is a perfect moment to do that.

The goal was set. Never ride ordinary stuff, keep dreaming, ride fast.

Since the virus was implemented hard to my veins I need to know the royalty in speed segment.

Is there a better place to do that, than BMW Motorrad?

I went to BMW dealer today and saw last two BMW HP4 in Poland, they are already sold, so there are zero left to buy.

It is a very rare bike – 5 in total in Poland and around 6000 made worldwide.
Every one got its number and every one is God Damn Sexy (like my wife).

Take a look (not at my wife):

 Just two photos because Camera got all wet – I really don’t know where all the fluids came from…

Before iCamera malfunctioned I took 2 photos of this sweet BMW R60 which You might like


Ugly Motors discovering plastic, lightness and 158bhp / litre

A Modern Classic? A Supersport Beast?

Sometimes we do not cut and smash.
Sometimes the Thing is just too pretty.
Sometimes you work with the machine you’re afraid of.
And hell, I am afraid of this monster…

A Plan:
Regular maintenance (oil, K&N cleaning, fork service, front wheel bearings, battery)
Restore paint, plastics, add some gold

A Philosophy:
Make it stand out. Restore factory. Ride, ride, RIDE! ! !

A First Touch:
Just by removing the seat of that 2002 Honda CBR Fireblade 954RR you notice that this bike is nowhere near the ones we work on every day. An aluminium frame, a sub frame, lots of plastics and electronics. It’s more than 80 kg lighter than the 1980 CB750k and you can really tell the difference.

Enjoy the photos and stay tuned for more.

Ugly#02 HondaCB650C 80′

Second child of Ugly Motors. Honda CB 650c from 1980, came to us from the north of Poland. Still lot’s of work to do…