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Ugly#07 BMW K1200 RS 2002

This one will be very interesting. A friend of mine was looking for a big bike to match his size and make him stand out on the street. He wanted to built something from a a scratch so we decided to buy this wreck. There are not many things to say right now except this […]

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Pearls from the past.

Last Sunday I went to an old timer bazar in Wroclaw. Driven by the force of bounty hunter I’ve searched parts for my new builds. There was plenty of parts, bike gear, tires and stuff! But unfortunately not many of those I’ve been looking for… To fill the void I went to  see the exhibition […]

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Ugly man went to BMW Motorrad.

Every pre-thirty year old man – especially the ugly one – need to set some goals in life. January is a perfect moment to do that. The goal was set. Never ride ordinary stuff, keep dreaming, ride fast. Since the virus was implemented hard to my veins I need to know the royalty in speed […]

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