Exhaust insulating wrap. 2″ wide black


Fiberglass exhaust wrap sold in 50ft. (15 meter) long rolls of 1.5mm thick material. Withstands heat up to 1200 řF (649 řC) continues peak resistance 2000 řF (1093 řC). Cooling exhaust gasses lose velocity and scavenging effect is reduced. This insulating wrap helps to keep gas temperature high thereby optimizing the thermal efficiency of the exhaust system which ultimately helps to get the last horses out of your engine. Wrap will also protect from exhaust burns and any exhaust blueing will no longer be visible. Note: Wrap ends are secured with metal tie-wraps. These are sold separately. Note: 30cm of exhaust pipe requires approximately 38″ / 97cm (1 3/4″ pipe) and 44″ / 112cm (2″ pipe) exhaust wrap. Based on 2″ wide wrap and a wrapping overlap of approx. 1/4″. Note: Material will discolor under influence of heat after installation.

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