S&S, 39-53 B.T. pinion shaft gear kit. Black

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Black color coded for size. Complete kit for scratch builds or rebuilds. Comes complete with all components on the pinion shaft. Note: Kit must be used with a 73-99 B.T. style oil pump driven gear (S&S 531209 / OEM 26345-73). Note: 39-53 B.T. kits can be used to speed-up stock oil pump RPM by 25% like is stock in the later 73-E77 B.T. models. Note: Available in 531949 Orange biggest / 531950 Black 1-step smaller than Orange / 531951 Red 1-step smaller than Black / 531952 Blue average size and 1-step larger than Red / Green averige size but 1-step larger than Blue. Note: If the stock gear is unmarked and the size is unknown or you are scratch building an engine and without gear S&S recommend a gear in the middle of the size range. These sizes were used more often and should provide adequate gear clearance under most circumstances. When in doubt use a gear from the middle to the small side of the range because a combination of looser fitting smaller gears will give a harmless clicking sound but to tight can cause a wining sound binding and premature wear. Consult the factory service manual for information on optimum cam gear to pinion gear fit instructions before you order.

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